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First-Time Renting Guide For Tenants

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First-Time Renting Guide For Tenants

Your easy guide to first time renting

First time renting guide for tenants is aimed at anyone looking to become a tenant and property rent. Renting a property made easy with our step by step guide.

The benefits of renting a property has made it a hugely popular in this day and age due to the ease and flexibility it brings, whereas once upon a time it was looked upon as being the stepping stone for renting your first property.

However, we know that times are constantly changing and more and more people are liking the flexibility that comes with renting a property, and we see a wide range of different circumstances when tenants come to book our properties.

This can range from young couples or singles just moving out of home, people relocating, commercial lets for work, people downsizing or simply liking the simple solution that renting a property can offer tenants.

Whatever your situation, there is always something for everyone to finding your next property and renting does not have to be a minefield, and with our First Time Renting Guide for Tenants, we have given you all of the information you need to rent your property, from step one to completion.

The only hard part will be deciding which property to view first!

First Time Tenants Guide To Rent A Property 


Knowing your budget is the first step in deciding to rent - what are your income and expenditures, how much can you comfortably afford to pay in rent per month.

You will require a deposit which is one month's rent and 1 months rent due upon move in.

You can learn more here about renting and upfront costs here: LINK Guides.Here is a guide to working out how much you can afford:


Property Search

Now you know your budget, now you will have an idea of the property location, size and specifics that you require, you can start looking for an ideal match.

You can do this here on our property portal, and you can register here for property alerts.

Once you have found the right property or properties to view, simply book in and we shall set a time and day to meet and show you around (We also do virtual viewings and social distant viewing)

Decision Time

Once you have found that perfect home, all you need to do is let us know, (this part needs to be done fairly quickly before someone else snaps it up)  and we can start the ball rolling.  

The Paperwork

Now you have decided to go ahead, you will need to provide us with identification which we will give you the details of requirements, usually photo id, proof of address, etc, this can all be completed online.

References & Credit Checks

At this stage we ask that you pay a holding deposit to secure the property for you whilst we complete references and credit checks to confirm that you are who you say you.
This is so that we can ensure our Landlords that you are a suitable tenant for this property with no major problems moving forwards with the tenancy.

Paying Your Deposit 

Once the references and credit checks are completed, we ask that you pay one months rent as a deposit to secure your home.

Once the tenancy agreement is signed and the first months rent is paid, this will then be placed into a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme, once completed you will receive a copy of your deposit certificate.

Sign Your Tenancy Agreement

You will be emailed your tenancy agreement to view, read and sign online.

This is a document that sets out the terms of the tenancy to protect both yourself and the agent and the landlord.

First Time Renting Guide for Tenants

Move In

Once you have paid your first months rent and a date is agreed, we will give you all the information of key collection, utilities etc,  all you have to do is move in and enjoy settling into your new home.

During Your Tenancy

We are always on hand to answer any queries or questions that you may have whilst settling into your new property.

Throughout your tenancy we will require access with you to come and check that everything is in order and the property is being well looked after and that there is no damage to the interior, exterior or mould.

Yearly Renewal

Our shorthold tenancies are renewed every 12 months, if this is acceptable with yourself and the landlord, then we will arrange for the new tenancy agreement to be signed, and you will continue as before in your home.

Moving Out

If you are moving we will arrange for the move out and help ensure that everything in property meets the move out guidelines to make sure you receive your deposit back in full.

This includes making sure the property is cleaned thoroughly, that there is no damage, the rent is paid up to date etc.

Whether you are renting or buying your next property, Hello New Home agents will be only too happy to assist you finding that next home.

To find out more about renting, or to contact us please visit us here.