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Landlords & COVID 19

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Landlords & COVID 19

Where do Landlords stand during the coronavirus pandemic?

Over the recent months of what has been the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a huge range of changes across society as we know it. Thousands of Landlords have been facing an uncertain future, and with many tenants unable to work, what does this mean for the payment of rental incomes?

We have seen a multitude of Government interventions - such as emergency legislations in relation to possession, and financial support for individuals and companies.

We have seen Landlords managing their properties in a fast paced changing time of uncertainty following changing essential health advice.

With many Landlords still being unclear of their obligations at this time (especially when self managing their tenancies), to their tenants associated with viewings, property inspections and what financial support they are entitled to.

You can find more information for Guidance for Landlords and Managing Agents in the private rented sectors here:


Do I interact with my tenants at this time?

Although the government have advised all households to practise social distancing, this may not be advisable for landlords who have to visit properties to assess any issues for themselves.

So, whether you have given it some thought,  should you be considering whether it is essential to be meeting face to face with your tenants at this time, following the health protocols of personal protection and social distancing.

Maybe now is the time to be thinking about interacting by other means - phone, text, email pr the use of video chats, skype and zoom. If this is not viable, then social distancing should be practiced during all visits.

For advice on working safely during coronavirus - please visit: 


Minimising Health Risks

To minimise the health risks to yourself, tenants or prospective tenants ask yourself “Is my visit essential?”

Whilst we have been conducting viewings following the social distancing rules, here are some great tips that we have been using to keep business flowing:

  • Ensuring that ourselves and the tenants are not high risk or experiencing any symptoms of the virus
  • Asking tenants if they would consider their own use of PPE during the visit - facemask, gloves etc
  • We meet the tenants outside of the property following the 2 meters social distancing rules to chat
  • We provide hand sanitizer, multi surface wipes for anywhere that they touch - door handles etc, but try to limit this to a minimum
  • We allow a walk through of the property, having left all doors etc open to view easily
  • We then meet outside to chat

Alternatively, we have also conducted video calls with prospective tenants and walked them through the property via video which we have found to be very useful.

For more information and guidance regarding lettings and coronavirus, please visit this link:


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